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Abby Jensen
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Abby Jensen (formerly),

Krista Cook is the reformed main antagonist, and one of the main characters in 16 Wishes.


On the surface, Krista is a classic mean girl. She comes from a wealthy family who showers her with expensive birthday presents, is very popular with the other girls and plays the "queen bee" trope at her school with loyal girls that follow her everywhere, is famously manipulative, and has a deep rivalry with the movie's protagonist, Abby Jensen. Krista ruthlessly does everything in her power to upstage Abby in every aspect. A few examples of this include running for student council president solely so she has more authority over Abby.

Krista was initially a kind girl as a child and had a close friendship with a boy, but after another girl moved to town, her friendship with Jay waned from existence due to Abby becoming closer to Jay and him shifting his best friend label off of Krista and plastering it onto Abby. Even though it was unintentional, Krista still holds a deep grudge towards Abby because she feels that Abby stole Jay from her. This is a direct cause to her over-competitive nature and enmity towards Abby; on the inside, she is just hurt and doesn't actually like winning. By the end of the film, Abby confronts Krista and tries to figure out why she is always so bitter to her and Krista explains everything. Abby apologizes and all the heat is taken off of Abby and the two girls finally make peace, Krista becoming a kind and lively girl once again.

16 Wishes



  • Her actor was shown once on TV
  • Her middle name is Marcus


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