Abby Jensen
Biographical information
Full name

Abigail Louise Jensen





Physical description
Hair color

Dirty Blonde

Eye color


Personal information

Jay Kepler (bestfriend/boyfriend)
Krista Cook

Production information
Portrayed by

Debby Ryan

Abigail Louise "Abby" Jensen is the main Protagonist character of 16 Wishes. She is turning 16 and has 16 wishes for it. She meets Celeste who gives her a box of candles with numbers up to 16 on the stars at the top. She has a rivalry with Krista Cook who is also turning 16 and gets everything. But everything starts to go wrong for Abby when she wishes something wrong. She is portrayed by Debby Ryan as a 16-year-old and by Kailey Cross as a 7-year-old.


Abigail Louise Jensen "Abby" was a girl eager to grow up and get the privacy and respect any ordinary girl wants, but most ordinary girls don't have a birthday fairy to make their wishes come true. That's why Celeste, Abby's birthday fairy is there, to make Abby's dreams come true. Celeste tries to make Abby's birthday the worst in the beginning so that in the end, it could be the best sweet sixteen ever.


  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
  • Skin Color: Fair


Abby is a friendly and nice girl. She is eager to grow up. Abby was ignorant until her eyes are open to the world when she turns into an adult and learns the mistake she made with not only with her best friend, but with her family as well.

Romantic Intrests:

  • Logan: She used to have a crush on Logan until she saw that Logan liked Krista.
  • Jay: Jay is her best friend and her new boyfriend as they realized at Abby and Krista's Sweet 16 Party, that they had feelings for each other.