This is the list of Abby Jensen's sixteen wishes.

Abby Jensen's 16 WishesEdit

1.I'll meet Joey Lockhart

2.I'll have the cutest clothes in school.

3.I'll decorate my room the way I want.

4.I'll like sushi!

5.I'll have a credit card like Mommy.

6.I'll be a good dancer.

7.I'll have my driver's license.

8.I'll have my own car, preferably red.

9.People will stop treating me like a kid.

10.I'll be POPULAR!

11.I'll have my own bathroom.

12.I'll beat Krista Cook at everything.

13.I'll come home as late as I want.

14.My parents will understand me.

15.I'll have the best birthday ever!

16.logan will be my boy friend